Friday, June 17, 2016

Thatcher's Summer Music Club


Swampspace Gallery launches Thatcher's at Swampspace - a Celebration of Local Music, Dance, Art, Video, Fashion, Performance and Literature.  




Mo Booty Band - Monica McGivern, Alexandre Merbouti and Danny Calle

Pusseidxn - Jeroxdeeboii 

Marlon Preuss - god save the queen

Marisa Alma Nick - "Black Carriage / White Heart"
Alma Dance Theater in collaboration with Christina Pettersson, Christin Paige Minnotte and Hope Littwin

Water Bed City - Juan Maristany and Raymond Brown

Liz Ferrer - DJ set in honor of Queer Nation

Tribute to Billy Monk Legendary Bouncer and Photographer.





Special Thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon Miami for their enduring support.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Feminine Rhyme by Eurydice


Swampspace Gallery is pleased to announce the creation of The Windows at Swampspace, an exhibit space inspired by the much celebrated Walgreens Windows. The Swampspace Windows are visible to all passersby in the incomparable Miami Design District. 

We are thrilled to present our inaugural exhibition: θυλικη ομοιοκαταληξία (feminine rhyme) by the unabashed Eurydice. Know for her delicate yet sexually charged works celebrating the feminine powers of pleasure and persuasion, Eurydice explores the nexus of beauty, humor and social relevance.  Join us for a celebration al fresco on Saturday February 13 at sunset or visit at your leisure 24/7.

On View February 12 - March 12

Opening Reception Saturday Feb. 13  7-10

3940 N. Miami Ave.    33127 
Miami Design District


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

the Machine Show

3940 North Miami Avenue     Miami, FL 33127

PRESS RELEASE  November 1, 2015

RE: THE MACHINE SHOW at Swampspace

Opening Reception December 1, 2015  7-11pm

"You have to be practical. Doing even crazy things with a logical approach." Martine Rothblatt

The director of Swampspace, Oliver Sanchez announced today the much anticipated December 2015 exhibition THE MACHINE SHOW coinciding with ABMB and Art Week Miami. 

THE MACHINE SHOW at Swampspace is a lighthearted look at the history of mechanization and the influence of machines on the development of modern civilization.  
With the understanding of six simple machines, we negotiate the material world that is defined by physical law. 
With reinvention of the wheel and a betterment of the mousetrap, we concoct unnecessary contraptions that fix what is not broken. We tackle the mundane with urgency and stubbornness to satisfy our innate urge to tinker where no tinkerer has tinkered before.  We dream of obsolescence on the notion of a better tomorrow.
With the combined forces of isolated parts buzzing in unison like a symphony of gears, we conjure behemoth contraptions that unleash the harnessed energy of fossil fuels in a smothering busts of combusted genius.  
With minuscule intrigue,  we delve into the precise world of tiny unseen processes in calculation. We are lulled by a nano-world of undetectable energy transfers and lightning fast computations.  We plunge into the information age of categorical picturesque meta data as users of electronic devices with the attention span of mosquitos. With the refinement of our self-analyses we are unrelenting in an attempt build machines in our likeness.
Without machines, we are what nature intended, dreadfully curious, remarkably unclothed and rusting beautifully.

The Machine Show is a loose-knit guild of artists whose work mirror the struggle and triumphs of humans over machines and visa versa. The roster includes but is not limited to friends of Swampspace such as Bhakti Baxter, Robert Chambers, Mark Diamond, Liz Ferrer, Brookhart Jonquil, Karelle Levy, Justin Long, Daniel Newman, Jeffery Noble, Brandon Opalka, TM Sisters,  Robert Loria, Raymond Brown, Clifton Childree, Douglas Hoekzema, Paloma Izquierdo, Coral Morphologic, Franchesco LoCastro, Hugo Montoya,David Rohn, Jason Hedges and Tao Rey.

"The scientists today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane."  Nikola Tesla

Craig Robins and the Miami Design District Associates.  
The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.
100% in the Shade - A Survey of South Florida Art.
Harriet Carter, Lillian Vernon and Mrs. Swampthing.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Leave No Trace - Red Flag Magazine and The Nature Conservancy


Red Flag Magazine and The Nature Conservancy

When venturing into nature the ethos and creed of every wilderness lover and conservationist is "Leave No Trace". That means we should enter nature humbly, carry out our trash and leave it the way we found it. 

That's how many of us aspire to live in our everyday lives, but that's not what modern man has created through civilization. The very nature of civilizing the planet is to re-organize, re-design and leave our trace. Ironically, in the process we are eradicating entire bloodlines of animal species from the face of this earth. We are in essence leaving "no trace" of animals and habitats that were here for millennia before we arrived. presents "LEAVE NO TRACE", an art exhibition addressing the issue of extinction and featuring special commission works from Bhakti Baxter, David Brooks, Brian Butler, Ernesto Caivano, N. Dash, Benjamin Degen, Mark Dion, Jim Drain, Christina Pettersson, Rebeca Rainey, and Dana Sherwood. Through 3 interactive bodies of work we will explore the story of our relationship to the great web of life.

For this exhibition Red Flag has partnered with The Nature Conservancy to raise awareness and funding that will go directly to their land conservation project in Central Florida. The aim of the project is to expand habitat and access to habitat for the Florida Panther. Throughout the exhibition calendar we will offer several free events. Stay connected

Stop Resisting - a iiiPoints activation

STOP RESISTING a III-Points activation irritation in sound and light

Stop Resisting is a site specific installation by Raymond Brown, Casey Zap and Jessica Martin. It is simultaneously an examination of the relational dialectics between the individual and the acoustic ecology of the contemporary urban environment as well as a reinterpretation through the "materials" of sound and light.

Over half the worlds population now live in cities and while the paranoia and unease generated by the ubiquity of the state within the landscape tends to dominate most dialogue on the subject, paradoxically it is simultaneously an aestheticized environment that is both omnipresent and familiar.

Police sirens, scanners, traffic noise, voices, recorded music, and the the natural sounds of the weather, and whatever flora and fauna that remain all vie for the attention leaving a unique if nearly universal stamp on the psyche made all the more glaring in their absence to the urban denizen upon departure from the built environment.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Aesthetics of Commerce - Eddie Arroyo

Opening Reception August 29, 2015  7-11PM

The director of Swampspace announced today the premier debut exhibition of selected works by Eddie Arroyo. Mssr. Arroyo resides in Miami Florida where he is a modest civil servant by day and a quasi-anthropological chronicler of the local art scene by night. He is a fascinating enigmatic mainstay in the dynamic arts awakening that has transformed South Florida from the superficially luxurious to the substantially relevant.  More importantly, Arroyo has undertaken the solitary labor of a weekend painter. With regard to creativity, design, mass culture identity and theoretical discourse, Arroyo conjures sentiments championed by Felix Feneon, french writer of neo-impresionist anarchism.  To position Arroyo within the pantheon of landscape painters such as Edward Hopper, Julio Sanchez and Herve Di Rosa is well within the purview of the argumentative criteria. To share the whimsy of Eddie's natural gift for expression is our humble offering to those supportive of the unvarnished and sophisticated.

And so it is with much enthusiasm that Swampspace presents: 

by Eddie Arroyo

"This series of paintings seeks to explore nuances between the aesthetics of luxury and austerity. We experience the effects of good advertising but the influence on the collective consciousness moves beyond social conditioning. The objective of marketing is to make the consumer feel more acceptable; however, the effect is essentially metaphysical.

Wolfgang Fritz Haug coined the term “commodity aestheticism” deconstructing the relationship between consumer and producer. He also referred to these methods as forms of sorcery. Obviously, Haug uses these
notations in jest but it does speak to the Unexplainable. Why does one feel differently when walking into a Prada store as opposed to the corner market? These constructs are established to house practical items but there is an emotional reaction which is personal and cultural. Visual
specifications are utilized to validate the quality of these commercial businesses through presentations of color and shape. Value is assessed regarding boundaries of class represented in the aesthetics of these structures." Arroyo


With fond appreciation for the support from the Knight Foundation and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Go For Broke

SWAMPSPACE presents:

GO FOR BROKE - Amalgamation Nation

Curated by Maitejosune Urrechaga & Tony Kapel 

Opening Reception  July 11th  6-11pm

Participating Artist:

Michael Allen
Jessie Askinazi
Bootsie Castillo
Claudia Guerreiro
Eddy Alvarez
David  Bennett
Devin Caserta
Luis Garcia
Alette Simmons-Jimenez
Tony Kapel
Lauren Oswald
Rob Pecchia
Chad Perna
Sarah Hersey
Karen Ramirez
John Rockford
Theo Rodino
Gaby Thompson

Musical Performance by Pocket of Lollipops 10PM

*****JULY 15*****
FLAMING LIPS Listening Party 7-10pm
Listening Party of the 4LP edition of The Flaming Lips’ 1997 experimental opus Zaireeka. A four-record set that requires you to play all four records at the same time. One of the few records in which a communal experience is almost necessary to its full enjoyment.
No Two listens are the same.

We are partnering up with Sweat Records to bring you this Ambitious sound experience.

 Lighting will be by artist Rafael Concepcion of CfabStudios.

*****JULY 18*****
Site Specific Performance Design District LOP-OFF sessions
Starting at 2pm.
The exhibit focuses on the working will be a one day event.
9-11 bands will record one song each on location These songs will then be made available as a compilation. Each band will have up to 30 minutes to knock out the song.
It will capture the moment/movement we are all involved with. Audiences will watch from the main room.
the objective is to show working musicians and the measures it takes capture a song.

Featured Musicians:
Smut/Spoiled/Shark Valley Sisters/Pocket of Lollipops/Full Time Mother Fucker/ Bootsie/ Snakehole/Kilombo/Oly/ Unicorn Renegades

*****JULY 23*****
Bird Lecture 7pm
Rob is an artist and scientist working on his PhD in Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology at Hunter College in NYC. In south Florida, he’s researching a recently introduced species, the Common Myna. In his artwork, embroidery provides a medium to unpack fieldwork experiences and scientific concepts. At SwampSpace, Rob’s lecture will focus on his experience at the intersection of science & art.
*****JULY 31*****
 ‘Closing Time’ screening

Closing time was filmed between 2005-2008 with additional footage from 1998-2003. The film follows a handful of local artist and musicians it is supposed to give you a glimpse inside of what the artist do during their creative process.