Sunday, July 6, 2014

Nature Links by Jenna Balfe

Swampspace humbly presents

Jenna Balfe

Nature Links for Lifelong Learning Student Art Show

Saturday July 12, 2014
Time: 6-10?

Nature Links for Lifelong Learning is a non-profit that serves the population of young adults with developmental delays.  By connecting these young adults to the natural world through organic gardening, habitat restoration, exercise and healthy habits, through community events and by reawakening an awareness of the beauties of nature and the expressive arts, we help them unlock the creative powers in themselves and in all of us.

This show at Swampspace is the culmination of our expressive arts session at Saturdays by the Bay on Virginia Key Beach. We have had several artists from the community come to Nature Links to teach students their craft, to name a few, Mauricio Abascal came and taught videography, Monica Uszerowicz made collages and Bhakti Baxter came and made sand sculptures. We are hoping that this show will inspire more artists from the community to come join us at Nature Links. This population has a creative voice which needs to be heard and mixed with the rest of our community!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Grand Opening - Low Tide Shopping

Swampspace is adrift when presenting:

Low Tide Shopping
Salvage courtesy of Gustavo Oviedo

Opens June 14  -  7-11pm

Gary Fonseca
Jeffery Noble
Jason Hedges
Johnny Laderer
Diego Guzman
Gustavo Oviedo
Jose Felix Perez
Mario M. Gonzalez
Emmet Moore

“Low Tide shopping” is an expression that refers to the act of retrieving debris from shorelines which have been left behind by high tides. The title alludes to subconscious ideas rooted into people as a result of their environment. Most of the pieces presented were created by the
artists without prior knowledge of this show, later to be chosen for their correlation to one another and unique interpretations of their shared surroundings. Together, they highlight how strong of an effect our environment play on our lives, subsequently the subject matter and concepts explored are each a bi-product of these experiences. Whether through mere accumulated observation or an active process of exploration there is a common denominator in which these works connect.
Join us Saturday, June 14th for the first opening reception at the new 'Swampspace' location.

image: Mario M. Gonzalez
"untitled" November 26, 1957


Bricks, Mortar and Swampy

Swampspace is failing sideways.

New Location

open daily

3940 North Miami Avenue - FL 33127

Monday, April 28, 2014

Rush! Perishable. another swampy opening

Swampspace parentally presents

Rush ! Perishable.

From Cradle to Grave

Opens May 3    7-11pm

Come join in a celebration of graduation and what it's like growing up swampy. 
Visit and marvel at the whimsical displays by this distinguished cast of artists who were recently recognized by our very own National Young Arts Foundation. 

Joshua  Forges
Amy Hixson
Paloma Ixquierdo
Michaela Manzieri
Ana Remis
Mika Rosenberg
Sebastian Ruiz

150 NE 41 Street
Miami Design District

Monday, February 10, 2014

DDoubleVVision - with Brian Butler and Jaime Salazar

Swampspace is adrenalized in presenting


Concert Art by Brian Butler And Jaime Salazar

A Joint Exhibition of Drawings and Photos taken throughout Miami's Music Scene - 

With Special Performance by Nixa and Testotra

Opening  February 28th, 2014     7-11pm

"Double Vision" is a collection of artwork made at concerts in Miami and throughout Florida. Photographer Jaime Salazar and illustrator Brian Butler consider the concert their workplace. To them, the music hall is an improvised studio, a place littered with unpredictable muses, capable spilling beer, randomly vomiting, or stage diving directly into you. These are the scenes that keep them returning, confidently snapping photos, or quickly doodling the scene. Through the filters of photography and illustration, both artists capture the raw energy of the concert; highlighting the weird, wild, and ugly.


Special Thanks to Sweat Records and Gramps


a swampy valentine's

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."

happy valentine's day 2014 
to all you moist swampsters, 
from mr and mrs swampthing.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Swampy New Year's Eve

Swampspace elegantly invites you to a  

Tropi Formal Swampy NewYear's Eve Dance Extravaganza

December 31 - 10pm-2am
Bring Your Own Bubbly

150 NE 41 Street 

Miami Design District

Gyrate to our smorgasbord of sound engineers:

DJ Lino
Thomas Peace Spann
Bhakti Baxter
Danilo De La Torre
Monica Uszerowicz
Ellen Degenerate 
Patricia Margarita Hernandez/Leo Valencia 
Southernmost Situations- Liz Ferrer/Alan Gutierrez 

Special performance!!

*EXPERIENCEDAZZLESTORM! Elllen Degenerate and Whitney Biennial