Friday, December 3, 2010

riot @ kissing booth


The ether of the Design District was aglow last night with transcendent splendor of Friend With You park and N.E.R.D. concert. Eager spectators waited in line for some time with the aim of getting inside but Fire Marshal Bill kept many out back over at swampspace craning their heads over the event fence.

The Menu

ABMB - 2010

The Kissing Booth Show at Swampspace Gallery

A Fundraiser for Design and Architecture Senior High



1. Pity Kiss Pay Any Price

2. Nerdy Teeth Bump 1.oo

3. Peck on the Cheek 1.oo

4. Smack on the Lips 2.oo

5. Hollywood Smacker 3.oo

6. Brown Nose Smooch 4.oo

7. Hit and Run 5.oo

8. Rock Slobber 6.oo

9. Euro Air Kiss 5.oo

10. Alien Mind Meld 5.oo

11. French Chocolate Market Price

12. Blessing on the Forehead 1.oo

*All kisses include a Breath Mint and a Sanitary Wipe.

**Complimentary Grolsch Beer While Supply Lasts.

The kitchen ran out of French Chocolate so curious participants attempted a sample of the Nerdy Tooth Bump ...

Things got feathery when Johnny the resident rooster awoke to peck his way up the plank of honest recreation by selling a few Pecks on the Cheek.

Polaroid moment for unidentified visitors...

It's One Leg Up for Robert Meatball after a few good stiff drinks from down the street...

At half past midnight Dear Rain Drop watched the fence come down...

Ethereal Park

At day break the scent of grolsch and wet heat quickly evaporated to lift the veil of night from a new day of sophisticated walking in a new pair of Natives.

Low and Behold

It takes twin Clydesdales to parade about on this Humdinger of a carriage for another day in the Basel Bonanza.


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