Sunday, March 25, 2012

March of Dimes

"If it goes without saying, why did you say it?"
Charlie Brown

Lavish lunch at Mai Tardi? snooze you loose. A mechanical wrecking claw gingerly navigates around the 500 year old oak trees while making short work of the majestic mosaics that adorned the walls of the stylish destination in Miami's Design District

Who knows what 'tonnage of treasures' may be hidden under the rubble of progress. A chunk of sign anchorage is excised to make way for further encroaching expansion of the highway.

Street art gets destructive all over the site of the old Living Room R&R installation while nearby the Locust find a new home and perhaps a new purpose on the site of the old Placemaker. A bit of greenery wouldn't hurt their new hive...

Spotted in the Design District, prior to his planterification makeover, this awesome Paloma Teppa life size Mr.Ed ushered in the beginning of the end for the old artists barns.

The DD, ever more impervious to slump, was hopping with surreal crowds ala 2012 as witnessed by this formidable convergence of Salvador Dali enthusiasts cued up to gawk at a pricy viewing of the great mustache's works on loan from private collections.

Open House at the new Swampspace Gallery was a family affair with amused guests greeted by Murray the new rooster. Everyone enjoyed comfort food and a casual exhibition featuring recycled Scharf Closet #18 from Young At Arts and a charming diminutive sculpture by Bhakti Baxter. Also adorning the inaugural show was a work in progress by Lucia Del, a Hubble sized round mirror courtesy of DV and a monolithic Arsham coffee table prototype. We are getting tons of junk mail for the previous inhabitants.

Waiting to take the swamplunge and conspicuous by their absence were the predictable and reluctant cast of influential locals; perhaps waiting for a nod and a wink from higher-ups. The curious shall inherit the swamp as invariably history is written by revisionists.

Not so hot art dates making the rounds.

Another brave gal from FEMEN gets swampy in nippy Moscow.

Little Leo DeNiro gets his swamp on.

Keith Haring worked on paper... and anything else that was not moving. Currently at the Brooklyn Museum.

Murray the Rooster works on his reflection at Swampspace.



  1. It wouldn't be a swamp if it always remained the same.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the new space!