Friday, November 30, 2012

Remember November

Art conquers many things.  Like clockwork, art brings throngs of gawkers and grinders to the swamp every December.

With all the art on display at ABMB and at the myriad of satellite fairs you hope no one will notice that the sea level has indeed risen. 

But ask any of the thousands of residents from the low lying areas and the verdict is in.  The sky may be blue but so are the streets in much of South Florida.

Some say water is everything, indeed it is everywhere these days.  Certainly some clever artists will float ideas and projects based on the effects of H2 ohoh...

But Miami is still in its infancy. there is sufficient space to sprawl and or go tall.  Problem is it is mostly soggy swamp. 

No matter. Art must go on as the explosion of cultural revitalization kabooms with creativity and cash.

You know art is not the only allure here. People, mostly europeans and such from coooool places, come here for the flesh and bones of our bordello bodega ways.

And so it is that trees are planted, shops are opened, drinks are free so where you be?

I love Miami. I live the peeps and the streets. There is an I don't know what here that works overtime because people want certain things real bad.  They want 305 pride.  There is not a dry eye in the house.

But dry blight is what much art typifies, particularly publicly funded art that must jump through  flaming hoops of bureaucracy to get made so a few lowly artist can get decent food, housing and art supplies.

The power structure knows there is only so much that money can buy.  How much you are  loved by others is everyone's game.  It is the true measure of success.

Who does not love the sound of Cash.

Who does not beat heart for art.

Whoever paid big bucks for this wall sculpture has a message for you...

He and She who lives, breaths eats and shits art is probably happy on inside and out.

Art is the most powerful force.  Just ask any longtime resident of Wynwood.

Art is both big commodity and worthless mulch.

Art is a multi-disciplinary mastodon.

Art is whatever, eek.

Art is the La Rive Gauche of the swamp.

ABMB is an anthropological reality carnaval.


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