Saturday, March 19, 2011

Art Marches On

The Know Show theme by definition has a built-in failure mechanism that was evident at the March Art Night in the swamp. By now most South Florida communities have adopted the casual ritual of family night at the art venues. It is encouraging to read that folks want more than teevee 24/7. An art experience offers anyone willing a salvo for the pressure of daily drudgery. Knowing is to surveillance cameras what Feeling is to Books.

Lulu at Lowenstein
Diane Lowenstein gallery in Wynwood opened with a charming show "ComePly" by local youngsters collaborating with Mr. Loveland from New World. The emerging artists are very knowing in the art of feeling.

Annabell with Bonvecchio at Lowenstein

Asher Mones Video at Lowenstein

These fine ladies appear delighted by the provocative video projection featuring the pair of shoes on display. New media defies the articulate, basically you gotta go see it.

Back in the leafy Design District, strollers were treated to Typoe the Michelangelo at Locust Projects. Also of particular note was the very sentimental Caterina Jaramillo at Dimensions Variable. With "You Are Always Here" Caterina lays bare the emotional components of loss and materialism.

Art is many things. One of them is finding solace in the company of strangers.

The Know Show
David Rohn at the KnowShow

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