Monday, March 7, 2011

another swampy opening

The Know Show

To Prepare Ourselves for Understanding

Opening March 12 7-11pm

Developing the Concept of Knowing

In today's non-linear, dynamic, complex world, art can no longer rely on the logic of the past to win future audiences. As we move away from predictable art patterns susceptible to logic, artists are increasingly reliant on their "gut" instinct, an internal sense of "knowing." To prepare ourselves to understand current situational assessments and potential influence, it is essential that we learn to identify, interpret, make decisions, and take appropriate action to create consensus utilizing this sense of "knowing."

The Know Show will focus on the cognitive capabilities of observing and perceiving art, the cognitive processing that must occur to understand the external world and make maximum use of our internal thinking capabilities, and the mechanism for creating deep knowledge and acting on that knowledge, the Self as an Agent of Change.

selected works from the permanent collection

3821 NE 1 Court - Design District


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