Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mayflower Power

The Thing is an unstable entanglement of historical processes, social and ethnic dynamics, economic imperatives, collective habits, multiple and shifting desires, entrenched ideological positions and local political cultures. Gean Moreno for Miami Rail

As if from a scene at the old Havana Biennale, the last remaining doorway fragment of  the original swampspace stood alone in the heart of the Design District with the certain fate that things to come will be rather less swampy around here.

From the sound of things what we can expect is nothing shy of opulence fueled exuberance...  photos not related.

Like the landing of the Mayflower on Plymouth Rock and the re-minting Kevin Sparrow, this month has brought a boat-load of awkward wonderment and several new-world expressions of swampyness.

Be it a swath of fly-by-night vinyl-still-wet thematic happenings, such at one devoted to all things Zapa and the Mural Show...

... or perennial Fundraisers that beg the question " How many 501C's can we afford?...

...or even the infrequent and un-welcome bath-salts induced zombie tragedy performance that splatter the world media front pages with sensational headlines.   Miami is not shy on ever mounting outrage but the result this month is frankly a neutralized net zero.

Miami is like this candid picture of the affable Mr. Rogers; where genteel pretense has given way to a moment of unvarnished truths.

Truth is lifeguard stands, designed by architect Bill Lane, alone can not help if you get caught in a rip-tide.

Truth is a slice of pizza from East Side is just plain different that one from Andiamo, but anchovies are salty anywhere according to Lobo.

Truth is a ripe tomato handled by Tasha is most comfortable in the company of other ripe tomatoes.

Truth is in our slumber we already miss you, Friends With You.

But we still have Bhakti the bAxtErNator !...

... and silly chia pet mini-unicorn chotchkies adorning shops in Wynwood...

... and cool vintage automobiles repurposed to wet service thirsty hipsters at Wood Tavern Garden.

Around the corner from the happening Lester's, home of the gestating Miami Rail Magazine and cheap beers, we have a new brand TeeShirt shop for the Under 21 crowd to hang out at...

... and always more ecstatic smiling faces to cheer us along.

On one rooftop of accomplishment, we had Cesar Trasobares and Barbara Young pleased that Miami still has got that " I Don't Know What" Joy in the Jungle.

TV's Dynasty Douglas Cramer enjoyed the company of Danna Ruscha and swampthing at Juvia.

Ed, Min and Jim shared a special moment at MOCA where it would appear that ...
No Words Are Necessary.

WARNING: June 16 is opening night for  Duh Hype.


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