Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get Over Us

 presents verbatim
Montoya, Long and Stevenson

DUH HYPE presents:
…get over us… 

June 16th through July 4th 2012
Vernissage June 16th 9-11pm

Swamp Space
150 NE 41st Street
Miami, FL

Stuck in the middle of zombie attacks and the end of the world comes a show designed to make you feel good downstairs.  The first of a three part series …get over us… doesn't just open the doors for what is to come but blows them off their hinges.  Come get an eye full of the latest creations by Hugo Montoya, Justin H. Long and, Milton S. Stevenson V in the debut of Miami's new Swamp Space.

quotes from the show
"…so aesthetic, it's pathetic."  Timo Brasselino, Art For Uhms

"They tried, OH BOY did they try"  Wanda Salazar, Miami Art Rag

"Grind like Grizzly and my house Walt Disney" Riff Raff, Hip Hop Artist

DUH HYPE is a collections of ideas deemed worthy of filling a niche.  A niche that may be what we are all looking for or what we never knew we could have.  Over the rainbow, through the pot of gold, beneath greener pastures, where the beer flows like wine.  We hope you enjoy us.  

...also stop by and visit our friends at Michael Jon earlier in the evening


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