Friday, August 31, 2012

August Digest

Metro Madness

The hottest month in the swamp is also a time to reflect on the art scene as one melts into a puddle of paint and promises in the shade.  What direction will our beloved arts community take as the 2012 season approaches?

Tidal Rip Currents

For starters, the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami will not be following in the footsteps of PAM as it did not get the blessings of a YES vote to fund its visionary expansion with public dollars gifted from public debt.  Clearly the waters have been muddied with disappointment.

Omitting  O's... Adding  Zeros.

Curiously enough downtown Miami interests do not seem to have any hurdles when it comes to a silent tax base  funding the arts.  With the help of  DwnTwn dollars the thrust is towards energizing the proverbial dead zone with further development. When opportunity calls, some stand in line with bated breath for the tap on their backs that signals their good fortune while others watch with disbelief the transparency of nepotism in the swamp.  

HONK! if you love FASCO...

Opa! Locka

The moorish capital of the swamp will aslo soon be infused with art dollars thanks to taxpayers and really good grant writers.  But I recall twenty years ago we were very close to having an original  Keith Haring sculpture at the entrance to the OpaLocka airport and some one sour power puss blocked the deal.  Our loss.

Ketchup not related.

When we survey the bigger picture, it would appear there is a trending for the bigger as evidenced by the solicitation of monumental artworks produced locally for the much anticipated union of ULTRA with BASEL musical art concert scheduled for December at Bayfront Park.

Big for the sake of scale is just plain small minded.
Mini John Sex

So there is certainly a valid case to be made for the small.  
Small is good when the show is over.

that ol' Beatle Bounce

Small and big are a matter of perception,  the size of ones gait does not necessarily make for great, but  shoe size does matter.  Too loose or too tight, a blister in never all right.

the Scholl Stroll Shuffle

For most Miami artists it has become apparent that those who march the predictable goose-step are less likely to fall out with the platoon of power brokers.  That is neither good nor bad but a random act of coincidental fate for some and a contrived acquiescence for others.

Luxury Unleashed

As we spiral out of the storm season and into the business time of the year, Miamian are looking at how best to dedicate their limited resources to maximize another fabulous fall winter in the swamp. 

Kids are All Right

Big ups for the DASH Kids who survived tropical dud Isaac unscathed standing tall for a decade the Design District beacons welcoming BASEL and much more...


 Contrast in exceptionalism; expectations and opportunity for Miami and its art are aptly exemplified in this photo. 

The face of our captivating allure is in this photo.


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