Friday, August 24, 2012

swampo ArtoConecto

Next up for one day only on Saturday August 25,
Swampspace will host ArtoConecto's next plug-in event KIDSART SENSES 
featuring the absent Berliner and never tired Hannes Bend.
For more info contact ArtoConecto

School has officially begun but for Tony Kapel his HallsWays show is over. 
Kapel may be the Shel Silverstein of our time, his most recent book is a coarse collection of poetry, observations and refined doodling that mostly only the keenest of swampy minds can craft. 

All We Need Is Love... and a few more plastic flowers.
The swamp never sleeps and neither does our space and its supporters seen here currently hosting the very floral petroleum petals production for Rosario Marquardt

And as we turn the corner here at swampy, please take a moment to smell the bouquet of denim flowers courtesy of Regina Durante Jestrow, one of our finalists of the Swampspace Sculpture Parking Challenge.

September 8 we feature Miami's own fly guy Mark 3-Diamond...


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