Sunday, October 25, 2015

Stop Resisting - a iiiPoints activation

STOP RESISTING a III-Points activation irritation in sound and light

Stop Resisting is a site specific installation by Raymond Brown, Casey Zap and Jessica Martin. It is simultaneously an examination of the relational dialectics between the individual and the acoustic ecology of the contemporary urban environment as well as a reinterpretation through the "materials" of sound and light.

Over half the worlds population now live in cities and while the paranoia and unease generated by the ubiquity of the state within the landscape tends to dominate most dialogue on the subject, paradoxically it is simultaneously an aestheticized environment that is both omnipresent and familiar.

Police sirens, scanners, traffic noise, voices, recorded music, and the the natural sounds of the weather, and whatever flora and fauna that remain all vie for the attention leaving a unique if nearly universal stamp on the psyche made all the more glaring in their absence to the urban denizen upon departure from the built environment.

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