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basel bonanza closing

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Movies about the art world are almost always really boring. It was not easy to make a film about an artist like Jean Michele Basquait, but Julian Schnabel did a very nice job. It is near impossible to paint an accurate picture of all that transpires in Miami during Art Basel Week but some one ought to chronicle what might be called the Ultimate Artzyfest.

Ask anyone, art should be left to the professionals. Swiss cheese may be full of holes but there are no people more skilled at nurturing a growing world of art makers and appreciators than the Basel organizers. It takes a willingness... and wads of cheese.

Art Miami Fair display was several notches above your average arts & crafts street fairs. The dirt on canvas Basquit portrait was one of many varied works that compelled a respectable crowd to see more. And more there was all over town from north beach to downtown and moral gables.

There are basically three kinds of works, The Good, The Very Good and The Drop Dead Great Stuff. Many clever works using optical illusions were show stopping clever. This tunnel was no more flat than the swamp is, but it's schtick has staying power.

Back at the Big Show, unsuspecting firstimers are always taken aback when turning a corner and are suddenly face to face with these gems of illusionary quirk. I want one.

Over at Scope Art Fair this unfortunate chap is either someones grandpa, a collector, or a piece of art. You pick.

The artist eyeballed, contemplates a shiny thing.

There may be an army of these flamboyant characters of just two, cause they seem to be everywhere at once. No they are not the reincarnation of the Scull Sisters, but definitely channeling the same great creative spirit.

Pixie with pigeon feet at the Big Show. Very cute bronze not to be taken lightly.

Over at the Art Asia, there were some fascinating works from our brethren from the far east, non more potent a symbol than this field of red from where the sun rises in the west.
Collectors who sunk a big chunk on Chinese art are still holding, waiting for foreign markets to wake up again.

Back at the Big Show for a second look-see, First Lady Michele Obama was spotted offering her blessings and assurance of plenty of parking to all Americans and Europeans travelers alike.

Up the beach to the Grolsch fueled NADA fair at the fountainbluish Deuville Hotel, local art community icons, Scott Murrey and Grela of Wet Heat Film Projects mingled nicely with other cutting edge gallerists from around the world here to offer their treasures to throngs of art lovers.

This painting at Scope is powerful in that it portrays the current condition in the art markets...
that being one of vaporized superheros where only the power-suits remain as a reminder to the viewer that even the invincible can be deflated by the almighty frivolity of the art world.

This clever piece at NADA speaks for itself. Love that.

You're gonna need gallons of Tang to get you through all the hoohaa of Art Week.
Giant Kenny Scharf canvas at The Big Show.

Perfectly Swampy photo collage at Art Miami. I want it.

Expanded PolystYrene was widely seen in use by a myriad of artist, including this elegant french gallery at Art Miami. I did not invent styrofoam but have been using it long enough to earn the title Prince of American Marble.

This rag-tag clan of artzy types had a great booth at Scope, I think they were living there for the week.

Street Art is everywhere and thanks to Tony Goldman and Jeffery Deitch much of the urban masterpieces on his Wynwood properties will not be subject to the county's insidious Sign Ordinance bushit. Graffiti is here to stay and not a century too soon. This is the new face of miami.

The City and Beaches really need to clean up their act. Traffic congestion due to the relentless road work was a cluster-flub of civic embarrassment and waisted time for many visitors on VIP schedules.

This install in Wynwood is so Miami it is swampy good.

Back in the old country they are still showing us how it's done.

For now until next year the art season in the swamp is closed, hurray for natives.

God Bless Art

Meanwhile Visit the Swampspace Gallery Cookie Show - open till December 20th.


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