Saturday, June 26, 2010

Swampy V.2.0

Thursday, July 9, 2009

prettier than pea soup.

Well, if you still have not figured out what exactly is swampy, here is another clue.

Chunnel of Love

Your are traveling furious through a winding tunnel of candy aura... like a donut shaped mobius strip, you arrive at a primal place in your being. Like the cream mfilling in a donut you ask, "how did i get here......"

After the Show.

Anyways, Claudia Guerreiro is a big fan of Kenny Scharf and the Vomitdingleberry Movement Troup, thereby she thoroughly gets what is swampy.

The Next Show.

If you would like further clues, make this a 'don't miss' saturday night at design district art walk.

Get Out, Enjoy the Moon.

Most coincidentally, Claudia is BFF with the benevolent and immaculate Mrs. Swampting, so diva's man is obliged to be in attendance.


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