Saturday, June 26, 2010

venetian water feature

Here in the swamp while some folks are busy raising their children, others are off to the Venice Biennale Art Fair in the old country.

MIA, NY and LA are the art-worlds ghost towns for the time being. Any one who is somebody and every other half-a-name is somewhere else predisposed with avoiding the rainy season.

Why do art freaks flock all the way to Europe for art among the waterways and canals that make Venice world famous...

... when they can just stay here in Miami and get all the Venetian splendor with swampy charm at reduced rates. Todays rain storm caused every kind of urban disruption imaginable but it also produced an awesome rainbow. With heavy flooding of our sea level town comes a damp reminder of what exactly is the nature of our South Floridian diorama, a place where water can reach up to your hi-knees at times.

So it is apt that a new art gallery in the Design District is called SWAMPSPACE.


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