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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Art Parking

In a rush to "accommodate" the throngs of happy galley goers, Miami Parking Authority is scrambling to waste more of our diminishing tax dollars by replacing perfectly good meters with newer meters... the old ones get transplanted to neighborhoods where previously there were non. It appears that every square inch of public space has been appropriated by the MPA in a scheme to broaden their revenue stream. No matter folks will flock to where ever there is something of interest that does that does not involve going to the mall.

Scharflight Night

When our monster sun sets on the latin manhattan, creatures of the swamp come out for some courting and cavorting among the potpourri crowd of gallery going winers, diners and gentrifyers. We meld in the blue light of the red dot districts.

Lawful Assembly

Like a menstruating metropolis, Art Walk Second Saturdays brings out the blob of believers in what a culture of art appreciation can do for a community.

At the Tit of Creativity

They drink with desire from the well of swollen plenty. There is so much great art on view each month. Where does it come from, where does it go when the shows close only to open next month with new works. Is it more of same? Mostly yah, but art appreciation is a first hand experience, something old may be new to you.

Beat the Boob Tube

Lazy is as lazy does. Why stay home watching the bandit-box or facebooking when you can get out there for some genuine face-time. Tell yourself that next month you're gonna go to art crawl.

Gone Golen

A real crowd-pleaser Harold Golen is the insiders outside art specialist and king of monster Kaiju. consistent great shows are guaranteed.

Get Love Lucky

It's plucky when you get lucky and you win at the game of courtship. a quite moment with that someone soon to be special is a rare thing at artwalk, but love happens.

Oh My Golly Wop

At the intersection of diet blvd and snitzel drive, Pockets Full of Lollypops enjoy the blasting sun at sound check. Who went to Churchills on Sunday for the Ladies Night of Mayhem?

More Couples for Art

Mr. Alvaro and Jen are f*ckin cute, but no this is not rehearsal for a Thai wedding, they are checking out an artist books and other relics currently at swampspace.

Yes there are many gallery hoppers just out for the free beer and cheese and chicks, but there are also many respectable lovers and creators of art that can be counted on to grace the fine art establishments from the hallowed halls of museums to the diminutive galleries that dot the heart of miami's art neighborhoods. But foot traffic is not enough, art establishments need real patrons, people that will put their wallets where their taste for art is.

Mr. and Mrs. Patrons

Love the Miners of miami springs. I always make sure to have plenty of fried chicken and swampy punch on hand for my patrons and stragglers that wander in search of free stuff. Like a master haitian drummer, once sufficiently nourished and lubricated, she began to perform by telling us all her dirty jokes.

Please Sir, Can We Have Some More

Meanwhile up with the ivory towers of DWNTWN where some important announcements are professed. Congrats to the 41 finalists, condolences for the 900 losers of the Knight Arts Challenge 2010.


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