Saturday, December 25, 2010

December Art Crawl

Friends of MAM

The Miami Arts Movement is in no apparent rush in the aftermath of Basel 2010. Like Russell Crowe in the film "a beautiful mind" our bewildered community has morphed into a schizophrenic prodigy. And like any good cypher, decoding the cryptic crossword puzzle that is the Miami Arts Movement will take a Mt St Hellen of hackers. Simply put, is it possible to formulate a cohesive analysis from within? I don't think so.

Design Desert

This post may be a bit tardy but what's the rush when the mayhem and frenzy of ArtWeek 2010 gives way to tumble weeds and dust bunnies of the swamp.

Wreck the Halls

Wynwood Second Saturday was a scuttle of locals and first-time art enthusiasts of inditerminate origin. The wandering crowds behaved predictably with the now scripted kabuki that galleries foster. There were some notable observations and anomalies worth e-ink. Here goes.

Stranger than Faction

The caliber of street art has risen to the level of intrigue with mind-bending monumental sanctioned murals.

Dorsch Doors

While several of the blue-chip were predictably closed for the Artwalk, others were opened in what can be characterized as auto-pilot openings.

Mash Up n Down

There is something captivating around every corner. With no shortage of talent and a willing mass of property owners eager to avoid getting bombed, murals are going up constantly.

Going Golen

The Harold Golen Gallery is a precious rhinestone in the pirates booty of Wynwood galleries. I love Harold's keen eye for the best low-brow stuff available. He is a soldier and an admiral in the cultural war.

Sinatra Smarts

Great new york city vignette mural at the Goldman wall, can't say who did it?

501 See

The Catch is a not-for-profit collaborative endeavor brought to us by a group of very enterprising DASH seniors. Well worth the visit on the next go-round in January. Here are some scenes from the grand opening of the CATCH...

Angels with dirty faces, the Kids are all right.

Decaff Comish

The Question is, How did they manage to get off-duty Commissioner Sally Heyman to park her coffee truck out front? She has a commendable voting record and reps my district w likeminded principle so I would do an entire post on this but best not to rattle the forces that be. Suffice to say for a lady that peddles my all-time fave elixir, she has a big problem w second hand smoke... even in windy wynwood outdoors. The truck and it's trafficer could use a bit of paint-staking upgrade, if you know what i mean.

Spino enjoys a cup of java with gallery goers.

Butter did good with this whimsical piece. again who did this?

Kill the Book

The "book tree show" though very impressive on the level of ambition and panache, is particularly disturbing for anyone who actually respects the bricks and mortar of literature. This is a disturbing show that relies heavily on the demise of literacy in the age of information. If these popular works are an attempt to put humpty-bookty back together, then it fails not just environmentally but also mentally responsibly. I actually like the assemblages but left the moneyed gallery with a sense of morbidity for intellect in general.


This place takes the cake. You know the routine, intrepid venues lay the groundwork, flashy vapid bandwagoneers follow.

Food Truck Art Mess 2010


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mrs Swampthing Approved

Grolsch, USA

Proud Sponsor of the Swampspace Gallery

Wishing You a Merry Holiday Season

The proprietor would like to thank the Grolsch Girls for their visit,
making the Kissing Booth Show a smooching succcess.


Friday, December 3, 2010

riot @ kissing booth


The ether of the Design District was aglow last night with transcendent splendor of Friend With You park and N.E.R.D. concert. Eager spectators waited in line for some time with the aim of getting inside but Fire Marshal Bill kept many out back over at swampspace craning their heads over the event fence.

The Menu

ABMB - 2010

The Kissing Booth Show at Swampspace Gallery

A Fundraiser for Design and Architecture Senior High



1. Pity Kiss Pay Any Price

2. Nerdy Teeth Bump 1.oo

3. Peck on the Cheek 1.oo

4. Smack on the Lips 2.oo

5. Hollywood Smacker 3.oo

6. Brown Nose Smooch 4.oo

7. Hit and Run 5.oo

8. Rock Slobber 6.oo

9. Euro Air Kiss 5.oo

10. Alien Mind Meld 5.oo

11. French Chocolate Market Price

12. Blessing on the Forehead 1.oo

*All kisses include a Breath Mint and a Sanitary Wipe.

**Complimentary Grolsch Beer While Supply Lasts.

The kitchen ran out of French Chocolate so curious participants attempted a sample of the Nerdy Tooth Bump ...

Things got feathery when Johnny the resident rooster awoke to peck his way up the plank of honest recreation by selling a few Pecks on the Cheek.

Polaroid moment for unidentified visitors...

It's One Leg Up for Robert Meatball after a few good stiff drinks from down the street...

At half past midnight Dear Rain Drop watched the fence come down...

Ethereal Park

At day break the scent of grolsch and wet heat quickly evaporated to lift the veil of night from a new day of sophisticated walking in a new pair of Natives.

Low and Behold

It takes twin Clydesdales to parade about on this Humdinger of a carriage for another day in the Basel Bonanza.