Monday, March 19, 2018

Ilian Velasco - I Swim...

We are thrilled to host the Premier of  

I Swim Even When the Water’s Cold  by Ilian Velasco 

Opening Reception March 24th  7-10 pm

With pen in hand and a passion for precision, Ilian Velasco creates delicate abstractions of intricate geometric compositions worthy of prolonged contemplation. Her work invokes serenity of thought coupled with the tension of our improbable quest for idyllic achievements.  Mrs. Velasco illustrates that the shortest path between two points is indeed a straight line and with many lines she weaves an infinate web of labyrinths for our crafty meditation of the meticulous. 

“With these drawings I contemplate the tension between illusive perfection and the luring appeal of discreet imperfection. Mistakes that make my work human contrast with the commonplace unsympathetic renderings by computer programs.  The geometric integration of ink on paper in space invoke illusionary objects of deliberate vulnerability as the work takes ownership of the maker. There is something cumulative and liberating about repetition that compels me to take pause from the mundanities of daily doldrums.”

Special Thanks: Miami Design District - BoxElder Beer - Douglas Hoekzema