Monday, June 13, 2011


June Art Walk in the Design District was a cool precursor to more hoppity hop art ahead in the swelter of another swampy summer. What longtimers warmly refer to as the melting rainbow flavored crush of heat on the rocks that is at the core of tropical living. If you can stand the Inferno, June is the time to recycle your rabbits.

You might ask, " What does that mean?" and the answer would be "mind your own bees-wax".

The lead-up to June Art Walk held rejuvenating promise for the marking of another passage in time that storm seasons in the tropics deliver. Marlon Preuss, Jeiddy Lopez and Chris Valencia were a treat to behold as their collective effort manifest in a whimsical yet monumental mural devoted to, you guessed it, recycling rabbits.

But after the official end of school mayhem and before opening of Recycle Your Rabbits, the mythical fourth annual teen dance party took place near the rear of swampspace.

It was the stuff of legend. Where do kids go when they are too old for chucky cheese and too young for south beach? They go to uncle swampthing for a good old fashioned rent party.

Forever young old-timers on a date wander in to find a spot on the slippery dance floor.

Chillin' Saturday night at the District.

Swamp's own surest young rappers, Metro Zu tearing up the sidewalk with lyrical deftness.

Excellent fancy foot geezer passerby delivers a convulsive break dance for everyones amusement.

Chris earns a new skateboard...