Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Going for Gold

Aaron Burr is back in the news with the renewed interest in Hudson NY as another artzy epicenter...

Punk veteran Patty Smith visits the Vatican to sign her latest mural...

Jen Stark goes to Washington D.C. to unveil her work at the Smithsonian Museum...

Following in the grand Aventura Mall tradition of buying art,  Bal Harbor Mall announces mo money for art sculptures to enhance your high-end shopping experience.

Giant turd by Franz West makes the rounds ...

Two weeds grow in Wynwood,

Franz West gives big head and reminds me of Tony Kapel's  The Halls Ways

The Fortress and Museo Vault are accepting your valuables for safe storage during the 2012 storm season...

No More Bull Shit.  

Opa Locka announces thousands for post-contemporay art from Los Angeles hipsters...

When Harold met Retna...

Goldman's Ron English rainbow bambis gone AWAL were spotted at Celaya's back yard with a musky cement buck near SnitzerCentral...

A styrofoam garden in New York's Alphabet City...

Message in a Bushwick NY fire extinguisher, R-E-A-Dee...

Aaron Burr's women...


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Book Party (after school)

Swampspace Gallery
Invites You to

The Halls Ways
a Novel
Book Party
Tony Kapel

Opening July 21
7- 10 pm

150 NE 42 Street
Miami Design District


Sunday, July 1, 2012

junebuggin V.2

Now that the old swampspace is but a ghost on google earth, we can finally move forward putting that golden age behind us.  The Miami Design District is a solitary oasis of restructure... but lest we forget summer in the swamp has always been a Heat game of keeping cool, calm and legally parked.

Miami people is a literary crowd.  Just ask the folk at the nearest newsstand.  There is no nuclear, chemical or biological forecast or art adventure that we can't yawn about. There is in fact an unraveling consensus that rattles the current order of things but don't look for an espose in the Miami Rail.

Indeed power may amusingly have had a gender bender this month as the 50 most powerful females of the art world were itemized for the ambitions to recognize in this nifty whose-who article that has some artmen huffing and puffing. I am not alone in wildly junebugging about Amy Cappo.

Likewise power is undeniably generated at the General Practice...  bugging in July.

Swampy RoyalTea,  a wedding at the Unitarian Universalist Secular Humanist Temple near Biscayne Bay.

This month the supreme court of the united states declared art to be constitutionally protected and to that we say DuhHype!  enjoy mango season.

Miami's own fraulien Rosa DeLaVonTrap, and her blasted grandchildren, the implacable Hugo and grifted Justin relish a moment at the koala bear show. 
Hats off and see you on the 4th of July for a closing celebration.

With each happy ending comes the opportunity for a consultation with el shamano.  Brookhart Jonquil takes in the chlorine logic at Carol Jazzars pumphouse farewell to friends pool soiree.

Sweet is the ripeness of mango. Free is the lightness of Junebugs... ladies make merry at Carol Jazzar's.

Dumb is ending a good thing.
A scene from Amanda Sanfilippo's final Curators Symposium at Legal Art.
Candid shot of the compartmentalized pocket of lollypop fame Tony Kapel nest featured artist at swampspace. 

Discussing whimsical art can be exhausting...  another round of O'Doul's for the june-buggers at the Corner place.