Wednesday, September 14, 2011

september salad

Broccoli or Cauliflower ?

Destiny is a powerful thing. When Walt Disney met Salvador Dali in 1940, they hatched a joint venture to animate something. It took 50 years to complete the collaboration from storyboard to wikipedia entry.

Such is the the vicious complications that art and science invariably create by their mechanisms for change. Such is the ebb and flow of gentrification and cyclical ideas. Miami is no exception.

Harry Bedknob, Potter Broomstick

Be it by magic or slight of trickery, the power of art is undeniable. So what exactly is the best case scenario. Back in 1992 South Beach was a tolerable place, primed and percolating for another phantasmic transformation. Today not so much and suffice to say, "glad it is there" but we only go when clients call. Same can be said for Wynwood arts district, "glad it's there" but with crowds in the thousands on art walk nights, we only go when absolutely needed.

Cool is the New Provocation

More recently, when the personifications of Design District and Wynwood joined forces to advance this arts awakening, it took less than six years to see a fruition of noteworthy acclaim. The Goldmans, Rubells and Robins and Snitzers and Dorsches and Scholls, the Dade and Broward and Dumbos from coast to coast, it is not only the swamp that has morphed into a bona fide cultural mecca. Art Crawls are creeping into every town from middle america to Istanbul Turkey. Art along with the other distractions such as sports and hollywood, keep the masses insecure and preoccupied to the satisfaction of those behind the curtain of machinations.

But distractions can only sustain so long as cries for attention are muddled by jazzy flashy information. Two powerful pieces at Primary Flight typify the times. They are the above canvas of surprising depictions in a most unusual style and this drawing of a rose-encrusted icon. Powerful works that supplant the power process for the hungry artists and bewildered patrons.

Boots on the ground, Big Brother Big Sister of greater Miami joined with several artist and the Design District family to raise awareness of the need to support our youth. The event called Currently Under Improvement focuses on the betterment of community and the responsibility art has to social relevance.

Sag-a-delic Chic

The third cousin of art and science is Fashion. So when two swampy luminaries join forces you fashionistas are sure to take it to the club the bank and down the runway. Nektar De Stagni and Danny Santiago Vintage Market in the Design District.

TED Down Under

Super proud and congrats to the fellas at Coral Morphologic for their findings and melding of art and science. Collin and Jarred are two very swampy superstars.


Curious George Sanchez Calderon is at it again with his unique vision of the swamp. His artist run venue Tomorrowland featured the video works of illusive and illuminating Daniel Newman. Other shows will follow through the end of Basel 2012.

Goldie Guy David Rohn performance and installations are like an outrageous fairy tale gone swampy at the hypnotic Carol Jazzar Contemporary in Miami Shores.

Rockin n Rolling with Meatball. Hold on to your bladder as Robert Lorie blows them out of the swamp with a powerful landscape paintings and comical inflatable installation at the Little River Yacht Club.

October will be the last quiet normal month before dear swamp is once again slimed by Art Basel and the ridiculousness of the season. Who will be crowned the most beautiful, Dali or Disney?