Saturday, August 2, 2014

Poor Happy

We hope to explore the space between childhood imagination and adult content as seen in painting, sculpture and installation. Carmen Tiffany investigates the significance of childhood imagination in relation to the destitute and isolated regions of rural Western culture. Inspired by children's media, Tiffany's work subtly uses fantastical characters that blur the line between predator and prey in a haunting beauty. Boehmer's sculptural work speaks to the relationship between soft materials such as yarn, wool, faux fur and fleece, with a subject that is repulsive and violent. This process of seduction and brutality lead Boehmer into a dialogue about relationships, who we are and what we can become. Nigon is interested in the parallax nature of our existence in which we have an insatiable drive to improve while living in a state of constant decay. His process involves a periods of feverish construction followed be reckless dismantling and assemblage until the form becomes a complex "living" thing, which contains a personal history and an implied truth.