Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Season Premier 2012

Swampspace Gallery
Season Premier 2012

Southernmost Situations

Free Key West

opens Saturday January 14
6-12 pm

3821 NE 1 Court
Miami Design District

Junkuary Jam


It is no small wonder that an unassuming item or person can have tremendous value . Such is the case with this pocket sized symbol of Charlotte Bornte's ruminating genius, creator of the diminutive feminist heavyweight Jane Eyre.

Dr. Frankenstar Power

Likewise it is not easy pinpoint how exactly a spark of genius is ignited, and more so where or how it is sustained for a lifetime. In the art world it obviously helps have a pedigree, a purse, and a respected critic for a partner. With all that it is also imperative to keep an eye on the sublime and a finger on the pulse of elegant non-objectivism. Helen Frankenthaler did just that; no wonder so many homely artists tend to emulate her.

Art Nights at the Mall

With increasing focus the swamp can be defined by its own highs and lows.
At one end of the spectrum there is a glorification of touted refinement from a culture that is sustained by characters who identify or appropriate our loose knit arts community. At their low end is a failed world built modern on hype and consumerism. On the high end is clarity and swampy liberation.

Occupy Cave

It is not hard to find our way past the clutter of artificiality. Even in the worst of times, the young will court, dance and trip head over heals. Such is the power of the love of art.

Legal Rehab

Even today among the ruins of Downtown, there is a transformation of which legality is undeniable. With inalienable right, the arts community is contributing significantly to the revitalization of a city lost in the tropics.

A Head of Time

Where there is push there is pull. Gains made are not always set in stone as we see in the destruction of the Midtown World Gardens. This city block was to be a magnificent passive park for the good of public commons. What happend ? Do we really need another MoviePlex.

Midtown Quiz

Q: Why does man kill trees? A: Because trees can not run away.

Much Ado about Street Art

Meanwhile back in colorful old Wynwood, the walls are closing in and Tony Goldman is doing well.

Casa de Grande Nuts

I was fortunate to stumble into the distinguished Enrique Martinez Celaya having a 5Guys burger with his curator. A fellow cuban painter and professor of all things impressive, Enrique was as expected nothing less than charming and demure. For sure Wynwood is much improved with Celaya's Whale&Star enterprise in town... non more pleased than our very own self -appointed arbiter of markets Snitzer.

Nearby neighbors throw up a bit of their own beautification. No sign permit needed.

Ouch, Out of the Back of the Truck Sale?

At the end of the day, the best things in the swamp are the ones left alone.