Sunday, September 23, 2012

see y'all in september

to Walk Softly and Carry a Big Brush might be his legacy. 

Summer is over and this year we pause to say Adios to Tony Goldman. A singular guy with a really great team of close advisors, muses, lieutenants and gofers.  Go gently now Tiger, the burden of knowing is lifted off your hearty shoulders.   Go knowing that Art is the most Powerful Force in this World. 


Go knowing there is now one more school in the swamp devoted to teaching enlightenment for a life worth analyzing.

Go knowing generations of regular people will be inspired by your unique gentle brand of gentrification, your inflorescence.  Go with the comfort that you did allot more than place  tired old Borinquen Wynwood on the world cultural map.  

Respectfully, a short ride from the Wynwood Walls Hood is DownTown Miami.
In this fertile swamp others will pick up the drumbeat and move the pieces forward.

The seeds are being planted for the next crop of creativity but as George Lindemann said succinct,

"Well scratch that, at least for the foreseeable future"  

 Time of the Signs

This lumbering place moves slow and dirty in the direction of history.   One history rewritten each year in the ebb and flow of power and funding that fuel enterprise in art. What accumulates for the fast approaching seasonal tide is nothing less than an Art Funds Grab Frenzy. More on that later.

For now we focus on the prevailing winds. Some say the trend toward enlightenment seems to be stalling.  Yet in Little Haiti there are signs of something truly unique brewing... open your own sign company.

“If you work all day and drive home in traffic, you don’t really feel like going back out,”
Laura Quinlan - Rhythm Foundation

Jordan Levin for the Herald

On North Beach there is a open call to artist, just don't get caught...

“Our budget has expanded so we can expand our programming, and we want people to take advantage of it.” Shana Sheldon - Locust Projects

At best, our Arts Awakening is moving like molasses. 
Yet Michael Dezerland Collection is doing his Happy Days Best to keep art alive in North Miami.

Big North Miami shout out for 12345 North Dixie Highway and their YoMomma Show and Best Address in the swamp.

If the Mink and Mignon of art is on Miami Beach and the Meat and Potatoes of art are in Wynwood, then the place for just that Perfect Pastiche of good taste and taste good is the Design District.

During Fashion Night Out, scene from District Factory featuring a kick ass set by Afro-BETA !

But pardon the appearance Miami Design District is in a perpetual temporary state of improvements, progesterone makeovers, open bars, twilight zones,  reacquisitions and all things next...

Relax dear followers,   All Roads lead to Swampspace

The perfectly peculiar master of menagerie Mark 3-Diamond greets visitors...

Where the wild things go, legendary style mama Pat Fields goes greenjeans...

Lovi Liz and the purple professor drink the swampy punch...

Hey babe, Take a Walk on the 3-D Side...

With zero funding for the arts Swampspace does more proportionately for Miami than the entire provincial government of Bangladesh.

swampy demographic...

Nutting hollow bout them cheeks.

Honk if you are with the Toot Your Horn party...

And be prepared for a big group celebration of Re-creation ala Hannah Hoch...