Monday, April 30, 2018

Swampy Symposiums

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SWAMPY SYMPOSIUMS - Tales from the Tropics

This is our chance to gather, discuss and contemplate the last remaining stretch of fragile natural shoreline along Biscayne Bay mainland. From Brickell to Aventura, there is now a concrete sea wall that obfuscates and imperils the most vulnerable microcosm of marine sea life. This continuous barrier separates us from nature while defending against rising tides. Join us for lively storytelling and discussions on how to best interact with our surroundings and preserve a sustainable approach to balance our urban lifestyle and nature conservation.


SWAMPY SYMPOSIUMS - Tales from the Tropics
Gatherings where Storytellers and open discussion help shape our urban-centric view of nature.

1. Story Time on the Shoreline - Pallot Park
2. Lemon Rhymes on the Causeway - Stearns Park
3. Rough, Ready and Freddy - Martell Park

STORY TIME ON THE SHORELINE is the first in a series of nomadic gatherings presented by local artists to raise awareness of our natural environment often hidden in plain sight. We begin at PALLOT PARK where one can wade along some of the last remaining natural shoreline on this stretch of Biscayne Bay. The gathering aims to inform visitors on the importance of a healthy microcosm, from tiny creatures to birds and dolphins that inhabit our tropical treasure, Biscayne Bay.
LEMON RHYMES ON THE CAUSEWAY - Next we venture south just a few steps to STEARNS PARK to stand firmly at the edge of a concrete sea wall. In the shadow of the bridge we find another microcosm of tiny creatures and algae that reveal arguably the unchanging rhythm of the sweeping tides. Here we discuss local history with a focus on poetry as a form of personal expression.

ROUGH, READY AND FREDDY - Lastly those in attendance can take a walk on the rough side to visit MARTELL PARK but take caution as Martell is also canine friendly. Here we discuss the dogginess of our self-correcting environment and look for clues to understand our roles in this unique microcosm of Miami.