Thursday, January 27, 2011

Young Arts 2011

Heady Hitters

With regard to art, one could argue that Miami is still in a gestative stage, but you would not know it when visiting the Martin Z. Margulies Warehouse. Margulies is one of the few paleontologic collectors responsible for the oft indescribable Miami Arts Movement. He is a savior of the swamp.


The collection is awe inspiring with a wealth of art spanning decades. This scene of the "superhero nursing home" is one of my all time favorites and rather poignant as i grapple with my own aging mother.

Crowd Pleasers

Recently Marti's Warehouse was once again the site for the gathering of interested parties from the annual Young Arts Week courtesy of the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts.

Silhouettes of Smiles

And what a week it was for 150 high school seniors from across this great nation. Each year the best of the best are brought together to celebrate their achievements and usher in the next generation of artist, writers, musicians, performers and photographers. They all stay at the airport marriott for a week of performances and exhibitions that are real crowd pleasers. They also "compete" for the prestigious Presidential Scholars Award.


So into the tunnel of infinite possibilities and promise we go.
Here are just a few vignettes from the 2010 finalists visual arts exhibit.

This photo 100% dreamy.

Points of Lumens

The NFAA Young Arts program and the Margulies Collection are a very good fit.
As the night wore on the lights were dimmed to a twinkle and the comfort seeing firsthand the manifestations of a collective effort in the part of key individuals that has enabled Miami to morph into an Arts Awakening for the betterment of our community beams like a beacon.

Phallic Foundations

Margulies is on of the Cultural Pillars that buttress the Tropical Lean-to that is Miami.