Monday, September 2, 2019

Logan Fazio - Everglades Survey


Opening reception:  September 14  7-11pm
On view through: September 28, 2019

Swampspace presents Everglades Survey by photographer Logan Fazion.
Best known for her candid images of beachgoers and resort town enthusiasts, Logan’s work also includes depictions of nature as captured by analog film photography.  By applying various forms physical manipulation of traditional media, Fazio renders sublime dreamlike vignettes of a precious natural splendor that is the Everglades. In these photographs nature reigns supreme with her mystifying allure of forbidden pleasure and daunting peril hidden in plein air.  Logan’s Everglades Survey clearly captures the irresistible and irrepressible tug and push of nature’s calling.  

Special thanks:
Stephanie Ansin and Spencer Steward
Debi and Jeff Weschler
Pabst Blue Ribbon