Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Swampy New Year's Eve

Swampspace elegantly invites you to a  

Tropi Formal Swampy NewYear's Eve Dance Extravaganza

December 31 - 10pm-2am
Bring Your Own Bubbly

150 NE 41 Street 

Miami Design District

Gyrate to our smorgasbord of sound engineers:

DJ Lino
Thomas Peace Spann
Bhakti Baxter
Danilo De La Torre
Monica Uszerowicz
Ellen Degenerate 
Patricia Margarita Hernandez/Leo Valencia 
Southernmost Situations- Liz Ferrer/Alan Gutierrez 

Special performance!!

*EXPERIENCEDAZZLESTORM! Elllen Degenerate and Whitney Biennial


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

3% of 13

Swampspace is very lucky to present  
3% of 13 
Expressions in Abstracted Minimalism Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Opens this Saturday November 30, 2013  3-9pm

Once again, recent works by Oliver Sanchez and others offer a visual synopsis for the promulgation of ideals.
To kick off the opening event, we are supremely thrilled to host the unstoppable street savvy maestro Kenny Scharf with his next irreverent Car Bomz session of customizing automobiles. 
Later, join us at the Vinyl Lounge where young virtuoso Dennis Brewster Fuller's musical performance on his electric organ will resonate with reverberating delightful tunes.

Hoping your 2013 art season is a resounding swampy adventure!

150 NE 41 Street 

Miami Design District

Sunday, November 3, 2013


is boosterish in presenting


Fall2013 Florida International University
Bachelor of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition

Opening reception Saturday November 9th  7-9pm

November 9 - 12, 2013

The Artists Unveiled:

Adia Llerena
Aldo Pereyra
Arielle Parks
Ashley Garner
Carlos Morales
Caroline Colby
Felipe Melendrez
Greisy Lora
Jorge Sanchez
Kevin Berriz
Paule McClelland
Roma Ingrid James
Samannaz Rohanimanesh

Music provided by:  DIVIDEND The Imbecile

in the Miami Design District
150 NE 42 Street


Monday, October 28, 2013

Between Earth & Sky

is cerebral when presenting

Between Earth & Sky
from psyche to cosmos
by John Germain

Opens October 12  6-11pm

A selection of paintings and works on paper by John Germain

Using anatomical references and mazes as metaphor, Germain's work explores the relationship of individual psyche to Cosmos; ego self to Universal Self, human brain to Consciousness, personal soul to Spirit. 

Also on display will be the artist's working journals, which he calls the "compost heap" for the gestation of ideas and visions in the development of the work. 

Born in Buffalo, NY, Germain attended Ithaca College and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. After living in New York and Los Angeles, he settled in Miami in 1993. In 2003, a two week journey to Antarctica had a profound effect upon his work.

Germain teaches painting and drawing at Design and Architecture Senior High School in Miami's Design District.

150 NE 42 St.  Miami Design District


Sunday, September 22, 2013

backyard paradise

  • swampspace gallery
    is nonchalant when presenting:

    'Backyard Paradise'

    Opens Fri. Sept.13. 6-11pm

    Dogan Arslanoglu
    Bhakti Baxter
    Justin Cooper
    Giles Neale
    Gustavo Oviedo
    Johnny Robles
    Johnny Laderer
    Rachel Rossin
    George Sanchez Calderon

    When we say “leisure,” we mean “quality of life.” We mean BBQs and sports—relaxation, because Everybody’s working for the weekend. After WWII, when the American economy boomed, tract housing erupted in sprawls of demi-castles, each with its very own back yard. At the same time, the beginning of the twentieth century saw work-week hours reduced from 60.1 to 47 hours per week. The world of work is intimately linked to our time for contemplation and observation; and for an appreciation of the psychology of space.

    Today, however, Americans work more than any other industrialized nation. We enjoy far less leisure time.

    Situationist International identified leisure in a capitalist society as illusory; not free time, but rather a commodity sold back to the individual. Compartmentalizing lives is a farce. Constant work, society is convinced, creates to more time for leisure.

    Time available for leisure varies from one society to the next, although anthropologists have found that early man and hunter-gatherer societies had significantly more leisure time than people in more complex (modern) societies. Europeans on arrival to America saw natives as lazy. Today American society has taken it one step further with increasingly less time for leisure than their European counterparts.

    In many ways, the backyard and leisure go hand-in-hand to the point of interchangeability.

    Functioning as spaces for more personalized and often kitschy expressions of an idealized paradise, the manicured façade for the world in the front yard occasions private expression in the backyard, or, as they say: “Business in the front, party in the back.”

    Backyard Paradise presents artists whose lives and work seem to blend seamlessly. Whatever their passions or interpretations of leisure may be, their efforts to live life holistically are reflected herein. Their work examines the relationship between the backyard and everything that might appear on a postcard: sailing, reading, gardening, fishing, BBQing, surfing, golfing, swimming, sunbathing, playing tennis, or swinging in a hammock. “You visit; we live it!”

    150 NE 42 St. MiamiDesignDistrict

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eye of Kubiat Nnamdie

Swampspace is spellbound in presenting 

Surface Layers Evolved 

by Kubiat Nnamdie

Opening July 26th  7-11 pm

Kuby's solo show of photography alludes to the metaphysical distillation processes occurring in disparate areas of modern life.  Curated by Jane Hart, the selection of photographs elucidates distinct events of the transformation process as experienced by this young Nigerian artist living in America.

As if to sip an Iowaska brew or gulp on DMT giving way to deep trance meditation, Surface Layers Evolved attempts to convey a dimensional collapse defined by ambiguity of focus to reveal new horizons for the subconscious. In this imagery, individual perception is warped and ordinary objects take on an anthropomorphic quality.  Nnamdie's photography erases the programed reality typified by Weegee and Cindy Sherman to skillfully intuit a chaotic spiritual energy that is at once cleansing and obliterating; taking us beyond our comfort zone.

Kubiat Nnamdie - Miami, Florida  A multidisciplinary artist working with video, photography, sculpture, and painting. Current work addresses issues related to spiritual and psychological events in contemporary society.   Interested in occult systems,  real-time interconnectivity of systems, and the effect of these systems on individuals. Works with mysticism, ancient technology and ritual practice. Presented at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, Sofia Design Week and Milan Image Art Fair.  Co-authored split-book with Talkinass, Italian publishing house.

150 NE 42 Street
Miami Design District


Sunday, June 2, 2013

another Southernmost Situation

It's Thespian Month!


Swampspace is pleased to host 

La Noche i.Delicatissima
by Southernmost Situations

An adaptation of The Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Liz Ferrer and Sebastian Duncan­Portuondo, la noche i.delicatissima features a cast of local artists, dancers, and musicians, moving the play from its original 1940s Mexican setting to a dreamlike 1960s Cuba.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Maitejosune Urrechaga May 11


is at a loss for words in

Presque Vu 
Maitejosune Urrechaga

Opening May 11   3 - 10 pm

Yes, No or I Don't Know Why, are common responses to questions. When the answer is " On the Tip of the Tongue", some call it "Presque Vu" or almost seen.   To experience the work of Maitejosune Urrechaga is similar in character to these psycholinguistic phenomenon.   For her solo show, Maitejosune explores through portraiture the universal experience of unconscious thoughts and impulses as yet unexplained by science or spirituality.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The A/V Show

Swampspace presents

The A/V Show - Analog in Formaldehyde

Premier Opening April 13  7-11pm 

Featured participants are a selection of multi-disciplinary artists focused on the expression and analysis of audio-visual history.

Cristy Alma
Kevin Arrow
Gina Cunningham
Juan Maristany
Coral Morphologic
David Rohn
Barron Sherer
Carmen Tiffany


 In recognition of burgeoning spring,  The A/V Show effectively transforms Swampspace into a mythical environment conveying ideals of analog and digital in an attempt to renew understanding of established developments in electronic media through the filter of trans-generational sensibility.  The A/V Show reconsiders the progression of technology in order to formulate a discussion of innovation, its likelihood and the ever increasing pace of obsolescence.


150 NE 42 St. Miami Design District


Thursday, January 24, 2013

House of Desire

Swampspace is desirous in presenting 

La Maison du Désir

Opening Reception February 9  6-11 pm

Miami Design District

House of Desire

150 NE 42 Street

Artists Lea Nickless and Conrad Hamather will present "La Maison du Désir/The House of Desire," a collaborative installation featuring a pop-up boutique and objects which reference the luxury goods industry. Atelier garment collections, monoprints and a video time-lapse drawing continue the dialogue between the digital and the body. The exhibition also debuts an atmospheric pop-up floor designed by Keith Frutiger, Atlanta-based design guru.

Conrad Hamather has been creating sculpture and installation work with a discourse on body and architecture for the last two decades. A faculty member at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Hamather teaches in the Department of Fashion Design. 

Artist and curator Lea Nickless is interested in the unseen, the subliminal, with what is beneath the surface. Her monoprints and a time-lapse video feature layers of pigment, shape and text.

Free Parking for Repeat Offenders


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pataphysical Endings


is saddened to announce 

Closing Reception

Pataphysics Show

January 12, 2013 6-9pm

Join the swampspace community for your final chance to learn all about the science of imaginary solutions.

150 NE 42 Street Miami Design District