Sunday, July 6, 2014

Nature Links by Jenna Balfe

Swampspace humbly presents

Jenna Balfe

Nature Links for Lifelong Learning Student Art Show

Saturday July 12, 2014
Time: 6-10?

Nature Links for Lifelong Learning is a non-profit that serves the population of young adults with developmental delays.  By connecting these young adults to the natural world through organic gardening, habitat restoration, exercise and healthy habits, through community events and by reawakening an awareness of the beauties of nature and the expressive arts, we help them unlock the creative powers in themselves and in all of us.

This show at Swampspace is the culmination of our expressive arts session at Saturdays by the Bay on Virginia Key Beach. We have had several artists from the community come to Nature Links to teach students their craft, to name a few, Mauricio Abascal came and taught videography, Monica Uszerowicz made collages and Bhakti Baxter came and made sand sculptures. We are hoping that this show will inspire more artists from the community to come join us at Nature Links. This population has a creative voice which needs to be heard and mixed with the rest of our community!