Sunday, November 6, 2011

the Bucky Stops Here

Swampspace Gallery


The Ephemera of ABMB

an event horizon


November 29 - December 4, 2011

"Now there is one outstandingly important fact regarding Spaceship Earth, and that is that no instruction book came with it."

Buckminster Fuller

Miami was once resplendent swamp sparsely inhabited by resilient enigmatic characters

whose visions transformed the tropic into a mecca for modern living.

Ten years ago the interruption achieved temporary singularity

with the arrival of Art Basel Miami Beach.

Today Swampspace is pleased to announce

Bucky's Seven Year Itch in the dawn of

technological singularity.

Proceeds Benefit DASH

Miami Design District

3821 NE 1 Court - Miami, Fl 33137 -


Saturday, November 5, 2011


A bit tardy with an October post due to a medical emergency #$%&@ mortality averted, here is the belated commentary.

20% Off Special

There was a time in Miami's past art history where a handful of interested parties were the only ones concerned with the appreciation and capitalizing of art. Today the circle of friends may be bigger but so is the multitude of the uninterestd. For a thorough briefing of hysterical presidents look no further than the gracious Helen Kohen's moldy Vasari Project, an accumulation of local art industry ephemera organized by our public library system.

Ad Space Available

As Miami today leaves behind the ancient history of art and prepares for the bold uncharted now-ness of the tenth outrageous recurrence of another outlandish Art Basel Miami Beach fair, there is an air of rancid anticipation. Some would like us to regard fine art as a matter of life or death, but that is just not the case. Art may be perceived indispensable much of the time but it will never shed its frivolous nature. If a priceless painting is crashing down, get out of the way.

Hubble Bubble Trouble

Don't get me wrong. I am one of those who live, breath, eat, sleep, talk about and actually make art all twelve month of the year. But honestly the white gloves of a museum pale in seriousness when compared to the latex gloves of a hospital. A pricy Anish Kapur wall sculpture can also be seen as just a really fancy shaving mirror for the well heeled of golden beaches.

Full Moon Rising

A collection of distressed sports balls can take on the value of precious cultured pearls. Their epoxy luster drip with the rich new expression of what art is. What determines their shape is the secret nourishment of intention and purpose, of function and fact. Contemporary art is like the fad diets of south beach where a steady diet of deep art appreciation is the sustenance of champions.

Classy Kabuki

In light of the lust for celebrity and a willing submission to rigid social structure, our current cultural machinations border on farcical. The rule of vanities is that all to often it is really easy to find ample example of self imposed labeling and prescribed behaviourism. Who among us is saving their fifteen minutes of fame for just the right moment as timing is indeed everything.


To be fair, Miami is loaded with fascinating oddities and unique personalities in a constant stream of events. It takes a special kind of sleuthmanship to inform and archive our ongoing social mania trivia. Just ask the persistent and consistent folks at Soul of Miami.

Allas, a word or two,
A pan-headed screw,
Don't call us Cheapo,
Cause we shop at the Depot,
Economy of words,
Is not just for nerds,

Mystical and the Mister

Miami's own hieronymus bosch Franky Cruz and modern day bucky fuller Robert Chambers at Baxter's Book Party, Diet Gallery Wynwood.

Wish Upon a Star

A lovers kiss adorns Inflorescence. Available at Diet.