Sunday, February 27, 2011

Company Loves Misery

" Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"

Emma Lazarus


Are you one of the hundreds of artists or 501Cs whose ideas have been rejected and denied funding by philanthropic behemoths nationwide?

Not ready for prime-time? No Problem.

Congratulations to all for there is now a place where your ideas can be shared with other losers whose bad luck has trumped their talent.

It's OFFICIAL Swampspace Gallery announces:

The Swampspace Arts Challenge 2011.

Here is how it works:

When you submit your ideas to any competition nationwide,

you can also copy/paste them in the comments box right here at this Swampspace post.

We will publish all submissions in the hopes of garnering popular support for your idea by way of reader feedback.

What you need to know:

If you are 50 years of age or older, you will be treated like a very impotent person by sheer nature of your protracted suffering for arts sake. If you are between 29 and 49, you will be considered an emerged artist and held to public scrutiny.

All other entrants are also welcome in our effort to build an anthropological repository via this casual survey of individuals in the Miami Arts Movement .

Our mission:

Swampspace Gallery exists to encourage individual participation in the advancement of the contemporary art by maintaining a visible presence in prime real-estate. Swampspace is a non-commercial entity dedicated to the dissemination of empowering principals for unrecognized artists seeking solace.

No idea is too small or defeat too big... so your comments at swampspace are a welcome treat.

The caviat:

Just as with the FB decency policy, we will not include really, truly offensive material.


Congrats to YOU,

everyone is a winner at swampspace.


Friday, February 18, 2011


Artic Attire Required

Winter in South Florida is our pay-off season. Day temperatures are tolerable and the cool nights are divine. One can easily spot snowbirds who flock here to get away from global warming by parading around our artzihoods in tee-shirts while locals dress conversely in bundled garb that suit their thinned blood. Where else but in the swamp can we enjoy art mid winter al fresco.

Legendary Delaplaine and Norma Jean

During the latest Art Crawl, at the newly minted KIWI Gallery in Wynwood, it was easy to tell "whos who" but the pressing question was "who is what".

Fame by Frame

The inaugural exhibition at this latest of bandwagon galleries is titled Warhol + Indiana, the fine art photograph by William John Kennedy of pop art giants in their early days when everyone was undiscovered and really really interesting. Four decades later Kennedy has compiled a picture story in black and white and read all over. In my small mind Andy is an art god... Indiana not so much.

Here is a portrait of the very Kennedyesque William John back when film was king and cool came from within not without.

Kennedy's work chronicled his times with uncanny sensitivity and honesty, as did another great photographer Bruce Davidson.

2011 Kennedy still kickin' it with our very own voluptuous art world ambassador DM Baptiste.

Wizard of Gloss

To get the party started local SOBE legend Louis Canales brought us Joey Arias of Billy Holiday channeling legend. Joey is an old pal and when he taps his 6 inch heels three times, party goers are transported to her Kansas, a place where dreams come from.

Real Girls Crispi, Merle and DM..

Mrs. Swampthing shares beauty secrets with the hired help.

Joey Arias hams it up with incurable gallery goers.

While Wynwood wallows in the sultry excesses of popular attention and illusive revenue , it should not be unsettling to observe the now reliable barometers of gentrification. The scripted stages pique predictably in an ever shrinking cycle aptly heretofore unnamed. I call it YesInMyBackyardism.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

ready, set, LaunchArte

The Miami Design District Greens is hosting a open-air street scene for day-time wanderers.

Stroll among the Artistic Vendors and munch from a selection of popular Food Trucks, every Saturday from sunrise to sunset.

My rooster may be MIA but the Launch Arte Market is here to stay!