Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The A/V Show

Swampspace presents

The A/V Show - Analog in Formaldehyde

Premier Opening April 13  7-11pm 

Featured participants are a selection of multi-disciplinary artists focused on the expression and analysis of audio-visual history.

Cristy Alma
Kevin Arrow
Gina Cunningham
Juan Maristany
Coral Morphologic
David Rohn
Barron Sherer
Carmen Tiffany


 In recognition of burgeoning spring,  The A/V Show effectively transforms Swampspace into a mythical environment conveying ideals of analog and digital in an attempt to renew understanding of established developments in electronic media through the filter of trans-generational sensibility.  The A/V Show reconsiders the progression of technology in order to formulate a discussion of innovation, its likelihood and the ever increasing pace of obsolescence.


150 NE 42 St. Miami Design District